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Wet shaving products including a range of razors some unique to us. Also various mens grooming products including moustache and other scissors. These traditional shaving products produce the classic English shaving experience. To accompany these items we also have a range of gifts made especially for us.

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To contact us send an email to post@rasoir.uk

Our phone number is 01474 879923

You have to be 18 plus to buy our bladed products and you are required to certify that at checkout with your date of birth. In respect of the import, carrying and use of our knives and other bladed products you should ensure that you observe the law in your Country or legal jurisdiction.

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2016 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme - we have a variety of commemorative items associated with this epic event in British history click on the image above to see them.

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Our offerings include some very nice Sheffield made pewter shaving mugs. Iznik handpainted shaving bowls from Turkey along with a shaving mug with typography derived from an old trade card relating to a manufacturer in Salford. We have some fine cartridge razor’s with grips from antique wood including ancient oak and a range of safety razors along with chromium plated razor stands which will add a touch of class to your bathroom. Our range of vintage and antique straight razors is growing all the time it just needs a bout of effort on my part to put more of my stock on. Rasoir.uk is an attempt to put some innovative giftware products on the market and our range of keyrings and cufflinks made using iconic metal is being developed but very slowly. You can contact us by phone on 01474 879923 or by email at post@rasoir.uk

If I could offer one final suggestion it’s try going back to a double edged safety razor you could be very pleased with the shave it produces and it will work out much cheaper than the mass produced supermarket cartridge razors which currently dominate the shaving market. Traditional shaving products including straight razors are increasingly being used by those who are seeking a superior shave to the disposable supermarket razor. Some of our Sheffield folding knives go very quickly. Mammoth ivory has trebled in price and buffalo is in the process of being doubled in price and couple that with the difficulty in getting skilled craftsmen to work with exotic materials it is increasingly difficult keep certain products in stock.

Have a look at the first of our keyrings - it’s a quite distinctive and unique item and every piece is different

Spitfire metal square

It was made out of this armoured plating from a WW2 Spitfire which was participating in the Battle of Britain. Click on the image to view it.

We send out a brief newsletter no more than once a month and if you would like to receive it send and email to post@typenet.com

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