Care of Razors and other bladed products

Care of Razors

Use of any bladed product requires commonsense and care. Never leave razors, razor blades or any other bladed item within reach of children. When sharpening bladed products sharpen away from the body when you can and use safety gloves. When it comes to sharpening you need to ensure that you are using the correct tools. Honing with a razor strop is the best course of action for straight razors and if it requires more severe attention consider using a professional of which a number exist on the internet.

Razors especially open razors should be dried after use. Do not store bladed steel products in leather sheaths or cases, leather takes in moisture and can accelerate rusting. This goes for fabric bags as well. For preference use a razor stand to hold your product and if it is to be unused for a while wipe it with a good oil. Lots of information exists on the internet regarding the care and use of razors. If you are planning to go back to a shaving system you have not used for a while look up the techniques on the internet and you will find considerable resources available including videos.


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