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From the red uniforms worn by the British Infantry at the Battle of Waterloo, to the thin red line at Balaclava to the jackets of the Red Coats in North America and even today in the dress uniform of the Guards the same wool cloth used in the uniforms of the soldiers in these epic events is still being made by the same mill in Yorkshire. That red cloth made by the mill which was founded in 1783 is used for our drawstring bags. It’s a sumptuous scarlet coloured thick wool cloth with a vibrancy of colour

The cloth was with Nelson on HMS Victory and at the Chateau of Hougemount when the Chateau gates were closed during the Battle of Waterloo and now you can remember all of these events and many more with our drawstring bag made with this iconic cloth.


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The bags come with a signed letter on handmade paper telling you about the bags and the significance of this historic cloth. It’s hard to find meaningful wood and cloth to work with and people who are prepared to make items in the small quantities we need. We feel that this is one of those products which is genuinely different and reflects not just Britain's industrial past but also it’s military heritage. The bag is not lined and therefore not really suitable for wet items but we hope to bring out a lined version in the future. It’s the same cloth used for the Woolsack in the House of Lords and the Woolsack is the seat of the Lords Speaker.

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The drawstring bags can be used to house  a wide variety of gift items for anybody with an interest in unique distinctive products especially those associated with British history and military affairs. Gifts will always be enhanced by a drawstring bag which of itself will become part of the gift and add an historic touch of supremely high quality to the item. Medals can be presented with the scarlet military cloth as the ideal holder.

The drawstring bag comes with a smart tie on label which can also be used as a gift tag and you add the recipients name and greeting to it. The size is designed to accommodate one of our knife boxes which is four and quarter inches long x two inches wide with a depth of three quarters of an inch. It would take an item half an inch wider and an inch longer and the drawstring would still comfortably work. The cloth is made by Hainsworth of Yorkshire. The bag fittings are metal.

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The price inclusive of UK postage, a letter on handmade paper, boxed with the gift tag is 18

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Our email address is m.carpenter519@btinternet.com

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