The St. James’s razor is handmade and crafted out of 18th century oak. The wood was cut cross grained and has a fine patina. The razor is quite unique to us and costs little more than the standard mass produced items normally available. It’s produced in a limited edition and the wood is hard and durable. The oak originates from an historic building in St. James’s Square, London.

st. james razor 8
razor oak
razor with oak handle

This safety razor utlilises 18th century oak from an ancient plank from a building in St. James’s Square, London. It’s available in a limited edition of fifty and comes with a signed letter of authenticity on handmade paper. It’s a beautifully toned wood. Have a look at our other razors of distinction. It comes in a plain black gift box and is post paid in the UK. All our safety razors come with a pack of ten blades. The razor 35.

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We have other items made from this oak including a very nice handmade letter opener which is on


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st james's oak pen 251

Crafted out of ancient oak from St. James’s Square in London the pen is a unique item steeped in the history of this historic part of Britains capital.

Our range of Bowie knives, bushcraft and survival knives, and pen knives made in Sheffield can be see on our other web site which you can reach by clicking on the image below. The bushcraft range has a handcrafted Sheffield made bushcraft knife with scales from an ancient 13th century oak beam.

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trevor ablett recreated

Have a look at our range of fine Sheffield made pocket knives and pen knives. We have a range of Sheffield made knives including traditional pruning knives and general purpose pocket knives. The Sheffield made knife above has a carbon steel blade which is a traditional blade for folding knives and has flat brass bolsters. This folding knife is entirely handmade and can be seen on our other web site

sgian dubh2

We have a new range of sgian dubhs handmade in Sheffield using wood from a range of sources. One of the sgian dubhs has grips made from the walnut taken from Lee Enfield rifle butts. These sgian dubhs are authentic handmade items.

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