Creative brass belt hangers some  with  innovative keyrings of various types

The Brass Foundry 1 400

brass belt hanger

Solid brass belt hanger. Overall length two and a quarter inches. Inclusive of UK postage unboxed 11

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Brass belt keyring 250

Keyring Belt hanger and the bracket is brass coloured steel.  Classy item with a nice secure belt hanger. Inclusive of UK postage unboxed. 13

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SPITFIRE CUfflinks 200

Made from the actual metal from Battle of Britian Spitfires these iconic historic pieces can be seen by clicking on the logo above.

Brass bottle opener keyring

This a brass keyring and as well as it’s aesthetic shape is a functional bottle opener. The ring is lightweight titanium. It comes unboxed and is 18 inclusive of UK postage.

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victory oak 1

We have a number of Sheffield made folding knives made with historic wood - click on the image above to see some of them.

meaningful leather green 300

To match our ‘meaningful metal’ items we have an increasing range of leather items made from historic leather. The range includes keyrings and card cases.


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