Made out of our leather with it’s historic associations is a range of products such as pen cases, keyrings and business card holders

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From the jackets of Soviet  pilots in the cold war our disparate pieces have the wear and patina of use. Rather than a bland keyring we offer items which commemorate epic events; real action is etched into their surface. These are not mass produced items each one is hand cut out of the jackets and equipment which has survived to tell the tale. You can be the owner of some truly memorable pieces, rugged items which proudly carry the scars of historic use. Each piece comes with a letter on handmade paper telling you about it’s origin. The ‘RED MENACE’ range is our first leather product range and other collections will emerge as materials become available.

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Russian leather jacket logo 150

Soviet Cold War era pilots flying jacket with the markings as above. Very nice supple leather even if the jacket itself is falling apart.

Russian jacket

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Soviet cold war shell case carrier 200

Soviet cold war era ammunition carrier carrier, stored for many years made of nice thick leather with a fine patina and aged with different colours is being used for our keyrings. Its a sturdy leather as you would expect and like all our products we only get a few unique keyrings out of it. You will be carrying a piece of history as well as a fine keyring.

Products made from this leather will appear below.

US army airforce jacket
US army airforce label
USA Airforce 1 250

The A-2 American leather flight jacket was developed for World War Two US Army Air Force pilots, bombardiers and navigators. It’s the iconic American air force jacket and the jacket we have found has the wear you would associate with hard use and given the odour it emitted our jacket has been stored for a long time. It’s a hefty piece of apparel with robust fittings. Even just  carrying a piece of this historic leather incorporated into our products carries an cachet which makes for truly memorable items and of course each piece is unique. We have cleansed the leather and deodorized it so it’s appearance is enhanced.

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Each of our leather pieces are works of art and a statement of historic events - each unique if only in a small way. Legends recreated and re-imagined and with pieces such as these they can help define your life and move it from the bland to a more meaningful reality. Of itself age has enhanced the leather and made it more visually appealing without even the consideration of it’s history.

Great War British Officers chaps
Great war chaps WD mark
Leather keyring great war 300

These are the leather gaiters worn in the trenches by Officers in the Great War. The leather is over one hundred years old and like all our leather it  has a patina which is unique to the piece concerned. After it has been dissembled it will emerge as a very few pieces of items like card carriers and keyrings. All of these items represent historic moments in 20th century history and be treasured as such.


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Magna Carta folding knife

This Sheffield made folding knife uses oak which is probably one thousand years old. It’s made to a traditional pattern and can be viewed by clicking on the image above.

Scottish driftwood folding knife 300

Made with grips from Scottish driftwood recovered from the Western Isles this pocket knife is handmade in Sheffield. It’s probably oak but the tides, wind and age have melded the oak into one harmonious whole. The driftwood has been air dried for two years and it’s a tribute to the craftsmen who have created this piece. Each piece is different. All sold.

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